The Innovation Nation (IN) is nurturing the following What If's, each at its own stage of development.


EVE – Electric Vehicle Evolution

Why compromise when going green. With EVE no need, as we give you the range you need the maintenance you deserve and the Safety you have come to expect from your car.

EVE is working with suppliers in the United States and Germany to provide its customers the finest selection of vehicles. EVE specialize in electric propulsion solutions, using patented state-of the art technology, components and integration systems.


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EDENEconomically Designed Environmentally Necessary The Garden of Eden was the ultimate ancient symbol of sustainability and self sufficiency. Just like the original Garden of Eden that worked harmoniously, your home, your work and your EVE vehicle parking spots can work in harmony to provide your energy needs.


Innovation Nation is now providing consulting services to a number of company's and projects in the Better Health markets.

Genetic testing for the purpose of human compatibility and advising on pre-emptive health care, throughout a person’s life cycle.

Consulting with clients on the understanding of the needs for consumers and the marketing of, focused vitamin products. IN is providing the business guidance for these clients.

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