Our Team

When you work with Innovation Nation's (IN) team, you become part of something special, an ever evolving excellence that continues to be recognized. IN consultants open the doors, giving you a platform to truly make an impact.

The strength of IN Services is embodied in its people. The best in the business, professionals who enjoy work and life. You will learn from and collaborate with industry experts, thought leaders, sales gurus and client management stars.

Please meet our Team

Adam Tannenbaum

Adam Tannenbaum has an uncanny ability to envision the next great wave and ride on it. As a veteran entrepreneur in the high-tech industry, he has 20 years of experience in developing and marketing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Aside from his corporate sensibilities, he brings with him extensive scientific knowledge as well as his role as an inventor. This unusual mix of marketing intuition and knowledge combined with scientific expertise, has enabled him to serve as a bridge between scientist, engineer, designer and financier. To see a listing of Mr. Tannenbaum’s innovations click here.

Marc Benyowitz, Esq.

Marc Benyowitz has been practicing law and working as a business consultant in Los Angeles since 1992. Mr. Benyowitz excels in the process of negotiation, bringing to fruition many successful deals, with satisfied parties on both the buy and sell side.

Rafael Shachar

With over 17 years of experience working with customers and media relations, Mr. Shachar started out in the world of print graphics and branding.  Always at the cutting edge, Mr. Shachar has been effectively and esthetically conveying information on the World Wide Web since its raw beginnings in 1994. With an abundance of natural talent and an exemplary work ethic, Mr. Shachar has an uncanny ability to transform subject matter into a whole new level of experience – one that pleases and engages the viewer at the same time. To see Rafael Shachar’s portfolio click here.



Sidney Teichman Mr. Teichman has over 30 years of experience in product manufacturing and sales at Teichman Enterprises, which services the leading national U.S. retailers. Mr. Teichman has been influential in leading his company to the number two slot in the US market. Mr. Teichman is involved in the workings of EVE and guiding it as it moves forward.