Project EDEN


Innovation Nation is proud to announce Project EDEN- Economically Designed Environmentally Necessary.  Project EDEN’s goal is to provide for the individual’s transportation, home, commercial, and office building needs with sustainable energy, using its own available energy sources.  The Garden of Eden is the ultimate ancient symbol of sustainability and self sufficiency. Innovation Nation proposes that every location can be EDENized- by harnessing its very own energy with sustainability and self sufficiency. Like the original Garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve working in harmony with the environment, providing them with their energy needs.

Project EDEN is starting with: The next evolutional step in Electric Vehicles, are the parking lot charging structures in which the driver does not have to find a charging station, he simply just has to park his car in an EDEN charging parking spot.  Project EDEN’s electric vehicle charging structures are revolving around the concept of “Green Energy for Green Vehicles”, which provide electric vehicle drivers with free electric battery charging.  The beauty of the EDEN parking space structures are that they are conveniently small and simple to install.  The structures’ advertising space will be equipped with top of the line advanced features which will produce advantageous quality advertisement placements, including but not exclusively, high visual impact covers, halogen/LED spotlights providing twenty four hour advertisement display, as well as an optional LED TV screen.

This unique set up provides valuable advertising space on the top of these parking space structures, which will have a return on investment at a much more rapid pace opposed to waiting on income with the little amounts associated with solar wind or battery charging. This creates the unique and visionary energy system that ensures rapidly strong return investment on the structure’s funding.

Based on the model of Better Place charging stations currently operating in Israel, Denmark and beyond, with the structure and design for providing and installing more and diverse charging stations is already in place.  This is worth mentioning because it indicates the electric car is coming to Israel Denmark and beyondand will have the services and sophistication to ensure the capabilities of the Electric Vehicle Market. EVE understands the strain of using electricity to run vehicles, but electric vehicle drivers should not feel like hypocrites. 

Electric cars put more strain on the power plants, as some still run on diesel and coal for electricity production. Most importantly, however, is that the driver does not bear the cost and in doing so, in fact provides savings that no other transportation product could offer. The energy necessary for charging the vehicles electric batteries will be produced from the solar panels and wind turbines placed on every EDEN structure, making readily available energy to clean vehicles. The batteries that hold the energy will be recycled lithium batteries that are now flooding the market.

The most unique and vast advantage of utilizing energy power is that every building by design should provides its own energy from using the rooftops to collect solar energy, wind power. The water flow supplies hydropower; the heat exhaust creating thermal energy and the waste becoming bio energy. Why would the consumer want to spend hard earned money and resources on fuel when natural resources can be harnessed to power the building for free? Another advantage EDEN has is that is completely Clean & Green.

EDENizing is already taking place in the world, and governments are encouraging it.  The U.S. government is offering a $100, 000 tax break to commercial and office buildings that use their rooftops to supply sustainable energy. The New York State government is offering an additional $30,000 tax break.  In the near future these types of buildings will be the norm and Project EDEN will be ahead of the curve.

Would you like to see how your building can be EDENized?  The Innovation Nation would be pleased to provide you with an individualized proposal for a self sufficient energy solution.  Contact The Innovation Nation at (347) 565 9642 or E-mail to arrange for a complete energy evaluation of your building.