More then just services

The Innovation Nation nurtures and offers guidance to company's and projects by providing a plethora of services designed to successfully launch their companies. From investment possibilities to project development to marketing and branding, we are here to support and guide companies on their road to success.

Consulting on product direction and development

We provide access to industry leaders in the client’s focus fields to instruct and advise on developing and directing their product forward.

Direct sales management

Managing the ecommerce aspect of our clients’ web presence, we guide and provide the know how for team market vendors on direct sales.

Marketing services

Your product might be the most brilliant innovation. Your company might be the most solid. But without the proper marketing, no one will ever know. With cutting edge marketing, you can reach investors, buyers, clients and demonstrate what you are worth. We offer a full range of marketing services-from website development, to social networking marketing, to branding and packaging, to exhibit booths. With these powerful tools, your company can broadcast its true worth–-all over the world.

Website development

The buzz word for success in business used to be location, location, location. It still is…with a little qualification. Location in the 21st century, refers to accessibility on a much larger scale. How accessible is your company to the public means how does your website look and work? Does your company name and product come up on top when typed into a search engine? Is your site attractive and inviting? Is it easy to navigate and user friendly? Is your content clear and understandable to the layman and professional alike? Websites are more important than most people realize. They generally form the first impressions of your company and they draw potential clients in, allowing them access to your company at their convenience.


Both solid in content and pleasing to the eye, we create a professional, comprehensive presentation of your company to present to potential investors and clients.

Internet marketing

Perhaps the most important aspect of internet marketing is SEO-Search Engine Optimization. Using SEO, we will elevate your company’s search engine’s ratings. Regular blog postings will not only serve that end, but will keep your clients current on what is happening in your company. A Facebook fan page will draw followers, keep them informed and create a sense of community amongst them.


From logo to product labels to business cards to stationery, we will create a company identity that is sleek and up to date.

Investment opportunities

We make introductions to investment brokers and angel investors. In addition, we prepare the company for those meetings, providing them with all the necessary materials. Drawing upon our familiarity with the investors and their interests as well as the processes involved, we coach our clients on what to say and how to say it. Our clients are equipped with the necessary tools to best express what it is that they currently have to sell, as well as their short and long term goals.

International tradeshows

Want to make a real impression? When you display your product or company in international trade shows, we will do your booth design from top to bottom.